Objectives & Actions

The EFACA project consists of 6 main objectives taking into consideration three TRL3 demonstrations relevant to the greening of aviation; a preliminary design propeller and jet driven airliners using hydrogen fuel; and a road map for achieving the EU environmental objectives for aviation.

In order to achieve the project’s six main objectives divided its three levels, 12 Work Packages are proposed, from which 10 have a direct influence on the technical achievements of the project.

Within the three TRL3 demonstrations of high relevance to the greening of aviation and the development of preliminary aircraft design the project entails to:


Design, develop and test a world-first novel gearbox combining power inputs from a Gas Turbine Engine (GTE) and an Electric Engine (EE)


Improve performance and operating range of hydrogen fuel cells for aviation through new cooling methods, one with conventional liquid cooling and the other with phase cooling


Demonstrate a complete liquid hydrogen fuel system from cryogenic tank to fuel transfer, vaporization and combustion


Design a regional aircraft using hybrid turbo-electric propulsion (HTEP) combining a gas turbine (GTE) and electric (EE) engines


Design a jet liner with using liquid hydrogen (LH) fuel including all the cryogenic systems


Build a global road map to achieve the EU Environmental Objectives for Aviation by 2050, taking into account the relative importance of each aircraft class

Project Mapping