EASN 2023

🚀 We are excited to announce our participation in the 13th EASN International Conference on Innovation in Aviation & Space for Opening New Horizons taking place from September 5th to 8th in Salerno, Italy. 🌍

Scientists and researchers from around the globe will have the opportunity to present their recent achievements in a series of thematic sessions, organized by internationally recognized experts. It’s an excellent platform to exchange knowledge and explore the latest advancements in aviation and space research.

Moreover, this conference is set to become a prominent European Dissemination and Exploitation event for Aviation & Space-related research. It will serve as a forum to showcase activities, discuss current trends, future needs, and foster potential collaborations among researchers. Strategic priorities of the European aviation sector will also be highlighted through policy development projects.

Save the dates and join us at the 13th EASN International Conference in Salerno, Italy. Let’s collectively push the boundaries of innovation in aviation and space, opening new horizons together! 🚀

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